Window Seat Cushion

Just finished what I would consider to be a technically challenging window seat cushion. The cushion had angles on both ends and needed to fit within the three sides of the window sills and a raised front edge.

In addition, the left and right sides of the cushion fabric were cut on the bias in two directions. The fabric was just stiff enough so that sewing on the two bias sides was not too stretchy, keeping the welting straight.

The fabric was Revolution Fabrics, made in the USA. The Malibu Canyon-Fog fabric was a good choice for the application. I was able to make the cushions without any seams, because the fabric was “railroaded“. 

All in all, another successful project by Cape Cod Upholstery Shop, with a great client. 

One piece Window Seat Cushion to fit bay window | Upholstered in a Revolution Base Fabric Upholstered by Cape Cod Upholstery Shop | Located in South Dennis, MA 02660

“Fantastic one -piece window seat cushion with multiple angles. A ‘made in the USA’ fabric called Malibu Canyon-Fog, manufactured by Revolution Fabrics. Fabricated by Cape Cod Upholstery Shop”

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