Cape Cod Upholstery Shop Photo Gallery 


2021 Upholstery Photos Page updated October 16, 2021

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Welcome to the Photo Gallery of Cape Cod Upholstery Shop. 

Joe Gramm Owner and Upholsterer

Thank you to all my customers who have allowed me to showcase their upholstery projects in my Photo Gallery. 


The photos in this gallery represent only a small portion of the work I’ve completed over many years. I hope this photo gallery will represent the quality of work I can do for your furniture upholstery and cushion projects.


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How to Get a Professional Upholstery Job:


Start with an Experienced Upholsterer

Every job I do needs to pass the “Eye Test”. I look to see if the pattern is straight both horizontally and vertically. In the carpenters world it is called level and plumb. Does the pattern match. Does the fabric conform to the natural shape of the frame. Is the welting cord straight and not squiggly. Is the fabric nice and taut so it won’t wrinkle over time. These are all the things that go into the eye test. The client may not know every detail that goes into a good upholstery job, but when the client looks at their newly upholstered furniture or cushions I want their eye’s to see beautiful workmanship.


What you see is only the beginning of a good upholstery job. It starts with the furniture frame. The frame may need to be glued. The seat and or back springs may need to be repaired. The padding may need to be replaced or added to. It’s really the frame, springs and padding where a quality upholstery job begins. 



My prices can be higher than other upholsterers, but there is a reason. I have decades of upholstery experience and I put exceptional attention into every detail of the project.  I use the highest quality upholstery supplies and fabrics in the upholstery trade, for example, Greenhouse Fabrics, Sunbrella,  JF Fabrics, United Fabrics, Kravet, Albany Foam & Supply, B & M Upholstery Supply and more.


My Pledge to the Client:

I’ve been an upholsterer for many years.

Read my Resume to see my experience.


My goal is to exceed your expectations. Not only in creating a product that looks great, but a product that is built to last, with high quality labor and materials. I hope my Photo Gallery has helped you in your research to find an upholsterer that is the right fit for your furniture upholstery or cushion project. 


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