2011 Upholstery Photos

Cape Cod Upholstery Shop

Joe Gramm owner and upholsterer

South Dennis, MA 02660

The origins of early padded upholstered furniture go back to the 17th century. The basic concept of furniture upholstery has not changed all that much since then. The way it is the same is labor. There is still a lot of labor that goes into an upholstered piece of furniture. The good news is the tools and materials have changed. The development of CertiPur-US foams and synthetic fabrics like Sunbrella have brought the upholstery industry into the 21st century. A welcome development especially here on Cape Cod where humidity is a constant concern.

The photos here represent some of the work I have completed in 2011

I hope they represent what I can do on your upholstered furniture and cushions

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